What is Remarketing and why is a proven strategy for your business ?

Did it ever occur to you that you see a very exquisite pair of shoes that you wanna own but somehow got distracted by something else. Then you’ll probably say some ish like – ‘’nah i’ll check it out some other day ’’. 


However it’s no secret that the ‘other day’ rarely comes by. This is an example of an uncompleted purchase even though you wanted to have those beautiful shoes. But then later on while scrolling through another website, you see an ad for the pair of shoes. Instantly, you’d be reminded to live a little. If you don’t get those shoes you wanted so badly now, then when ? So you decide to get  them.  Also a quick fact out of the blue, did you know that shoes are one of the first things people notice about you that makes an impression ?  


This ad that you saw was re-marketing. Remarketing is a tactic which focuses on users who engaged with your company or brand via your website or your social media accounts. It can start from a simple follow function on your socials or when someone clicked on your ads. Re-marketing can bring higher conversion rates. A lot of E-commerce websites while analysing their metrics can conclude that a lot of people add items to the cart but do not proceed with the check out. Now, what can you do to bring those people back to your website so that you make more sales ? Easy, remarketing can get you there. Let’s see the types of remarketing. 


1. Display Remarketing

This is the most common one which works with paid advertising. It will appear in other websites to attract users who visit your website. Normally, cookies track the traffic and then target the recently engaged users with ads of your products. 


2. Search Remarketing

This is nearly the same as display remarketing but it users paid advertising based on search engine results page. The ads will appear on your search results. It can be easily recognised with the little ‘ad’ label on the search results. 


3. Email Remarketing

Email is an incredible way to bring users back to you to grow in sales. This is an asset which can also be used to send other promotional offers to you subscribers. Building an emailing list is  the way to start. On your website, you should encourage people to submit  their email addresses in return for something such as a discount code or weekly newsletters. E-commerce websites can use this method to remind users to complete the purchases from their cart. ( It’s advisable to save their cart for some time ). Emails will also allow you to personalise the content with the user’s name.


4. Social Media Remarketing

Social Media is an excellent way to target engaged users. They appear in social feeds. There are different criteria to target the users. For example on Facebook (now Meta) you can target those who saved one of your posts. 


5. Video Remarketing

You’ve probably seen a lot of these while watching a video on YouTube. However, it’s advisable to keep your ad videos short so as to avoid the ‘skip ad’ function as some people are easily annoyed. 


Now that we’ve seen the types of remarketing, let’s have a look at the potential benefits that it can bring to your organisation

  • It acts as a reminder.

One of the drawbacks of surfing online is that you can easily get distracted. The aim is to make more sales and thus revenue. Reminding people of your products through the ads will draw them back to your website.  

  • Remarketing meets your closest audience at the right time. 

We don’t want to waste marketing efforts on an unresponsive audience. Re-marketing reaches the right group of people to bring them back or remind them about your brand. Also the timing is perfect because re-marketing targets the users based on their visit on your website or a quick search which means they are interested in a particular product. 

  • Decrease cart abandonment levels

Cart abandonment is a real challenge for e-commerces. Through remarketing, users can actually come back to complete their purchase with the help of a reminder email or a pop-up ad. Returning customers will definitely increase your sales levels.  

  • High return on ad spend (ROAS)

ROAS is the money you get back from your ad campaign. In other words, the level of profit you get back relative to the amount you are spending on the marketing. Re-marketing boosts your conversion rates and traffic to your website. Therefore such strategies will result in more sales and profit for your organisation. 


Long story short, remarketing is a business essential and our team at Digital Gap Agency can give you a helping hand with that. If you feel that remarketing can help you with your current challenges, you can email us on [email protected] and we’ll see how we can drive your campaigns for maximum efficiency. 

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