Website Security; A Business Essential

Did you know that it can cost you over $1.7 million to address the damages from a cyber attack ? We are proud supporters of the saying ‘Prevention is better than Cure’.


Whether you have Small or large organisation, Web security is crucial in your operations. Your website is your asset. So Think of it as business insurance.


Reason why you should consider having a tight website security. 


1) It protects your customers from hackers


Malicious software is used to infect websites, gather data and in some cases even hijack computer resources. Your customers are the ones who build your business further ahead. They trust you with their names, bank card information and other personal details. You must make sure that hackers are not playing around with their details or infecting them with malware. So why not give them the protection they deserve for trusting you ? 


2) Low website security measures impact on your Google Rankings. 


How do you ask ? Hackers will often implement malicious code into your website, which can put your users at risk. If this code is detected by Google, users will be presented with a warning upon entering your site and no we don’t want that. Malicious code can result in your site being removed from search in order to protect users. The warnings will also likely affect bounce rate, which is a key ranking signal which Google uses.


3) Website Clean up = More expensive than protection layers

Yes, you can find IT geniuses to clean your website as whole and tackle all hackers and malicious codes but you should keep in mind that it’s no easy task and is incredibly expensive to conduct such operations. The viruses that attacked your website are already a headache; now imagine the high cost of hiring someone to clean up the system or even worse having to replace the whole system because the damage is irreversible. That’s why we will say it again – ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. 


4) Ever heard of Google Blacklist ?

Google quarantines at least 10,000 suspicious websites each day. You can recognize the sites by seeing the display message “This site may harm your computer” in the search results. Usually, a website gets blacklisted when it contains something harmful to the user, for example, malware. When a website is blacklisted, it loses almost 95% of its organic traffic. 


What does our team at Digital Gap Agency propose ?


We craft websites and we strongly recommend taking on website security. This is what we offer in our security pack.


-6 Layers of Security 

-SSL Certificate integration 

-Firewall for Website (No direct Access to Server) 

-Security Rules from the Server 

-Website Tracking and Monitoring (*Additional Recurring Fee) 

-DNS Level Protection 

-XSS and other hacking methods protect security rules 

If you are ready to dive into website security as part of your daily operations, our team at Digital Gap Agency will advise you on what’s best for you and propose the best formula that can be adapted to your organisation. Whether you are based in Mauritius or anywhere around the globe, drop us an email on [email protected]. Read more about our digital insights here.

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