Speed Optimizing your website – A must !

Your website speed matters ! Our expertly run WordPress speed optimization service optimizes your WordPress website in order to ensure that your web property is serving up your information as quickly as possible within the capabilities of your hosting provider.

Studies show that if your website’s loading speed exceeds 3 seconds, users tend to leave. Worst, it has also been found that users avoid returning to sites with speed and performance related issues. How to avoid that ?

Some common factors that affect your speed can be : 

  • Oversized images
  • A lot of plugins
  • Cache
  • Multiple HTTP, CSS and JavaScript files

Some common FAQ on your website speed and loading time 


1. What should be the average load time for a website ? 

Statistics say that 2-3 seconds on a desktop, under 9 seconds on a mobile device are preferable. 1-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%.


2. How to find my website loading time ? 

You can run a test on WebPageTest to find out. You’ll be able to see how things happen in the eyes of your users. This online tool allows you to test the home page of your site or a specific URL. 


3. How do I see page load time in Google Analytics ?

Sign in your Google Analytics account, then hover to your view function, and select open Reports. Thus, select Behaviour and choose Site Speed. This is the fastest way to check your site speed through this powerful online tool. 


Optimizing your website : The Digital Gap Agency’s process


Step 1 : Full Website Backup

We’ll run a complete backup of your site before performing any work.


Step 2 : Deep Performance Scan

We’ll run an in-depth site speed, database, host and plugin scan to have an overview of what needs to be optimized or changed to unleash the full potential of your website.


Step 3 : Extended Site Optimization


  • Core WordPress optimizations
  • CSS & JavaScript minification & merging
  • Minify HTML
  • Prioritize visible content 
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  • Remove query strings from styles & scripts
  • Move scripts to the footer
  • Google fonts merging and optimization
  • Enable site caching
  • Enable CDN


Step 4 : Extended Image Optimization

We’ll perform maximum strength image compression and optimization of all images and serve WebP images where applicable (if supported).


Step 5 : Testing and Quality Assurance

Our team at Digital Gap Agency will be checking your web application for potential bugs before its made live or before the code is moved into the production environment. During this stage issues such as that of web application security, the functioning of the site, its access to handicapped as well as regular users and its ability to handle traffic is checked.


If you are ready to rock and roll with better performance and speed on your website, we’d love to advise you more on it and the technicalities involved. Digital Gap Agency is here to help you achieve more and be more efficient out there. Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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