Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Digital Gap Agency ?

We are a web development company which bridges the gap to raise your digital impact and improve your brand presence. Our goal is to make you stand out and grow your business figures while you are out there living your best life.

What types of websites do you design ?

At Digital Gap Agency, we can shape any type of site you want. We built from scratch or custom designs from display informative websites to E-commerce websites. We also build Mobile Application for your business.

Where are you based and what makes you different ?

Mauritius is a small paradise island based off the coast of the Indian Ocean. We might be small like a salt crystal in the middle of the ocean but we are sharp and bite just like a great white shark. We see ourselves as the digital voice that wants to see you and your business grow. That’s why we aim at giving  you amazing top-notch websites at affordable rates. 


We often work with International companies. We’ve set our footprints in England, France, Canada & Australia. We can get to you anywhere around the globe.

Do you register domains?

Yes we can purchase your preferred domain name for you to save you the time and hassle. Domain registration starts as low as USD 10 per year. 

What is website hosting ?

Just like having a domain, Hosting is compulsory when it comes to building your website. The hosting is the element which will allow you to be online and allow users to access your site. Consider it as the rent you need to cater for to have your files online. 

How much do websites cost ?

The cost depends on  your specifications and business requirements. Normally, a simple display website is less costly while an E-commerce website is much more expensive. Hit us up on [email protected] with your project details and we will provide you with a quote.

How long does it take to design a new website ?

Designing a website takes a lot of hours. At Digital Gap Agency , we believe that a great website does not just require time invested but also your heart and soul into the project. It truly depends on the nature of the project. E-commerce will certainly take much more time than a display one page website. Some projects can be completed in 1 week while some can take up to one whole year depending on the intensity and the workload. 

Can you redesign an existing website ?

Yes, we can offer you a complete rebranding or re-vamp your website to meet your new concept. 

Do you offer maintenance services after building a website ?

We do provide maintenance services to update your website after delivery or to keep it safe from potential threats at an additional monthly fee. 

Will my website work on mobiles devices and tablets ?

Our website designs are also adapted to mobile and tablet responsiveness. So your website will be just as amazing on other devices as on a desktop. 

Who are the clients you worked with ?

We’d love for you to discover our portfolio here and what our clients said about us here

What marketing techniques can I use for my business?

We live in the great era of technological development; so why not make the most of it to boost your business up the ladder. Marketing can be in the form of social media accounts, content marketing, inbound marketing, blogs, email, SEO, PPC and so on. 

Why is Website Security important ?

To have a great performing website, website security is a must. Read further on its impact on your business here.

Why should I hire Digital Gap Agency in a nutshell ?

Well, we do not like to say it out loud but one of our beliefs is ‘Doing Things Differently’. This is why we cultivated the following in our delivery for your best interests : 

– We have a 30 days Money back Guarantee if you feel the project we’ve built isn’t for you.
– We provide you with flexible payment options because we understand your investment needs.
– We have secured payment methods via PayPal /Internet Bank Transfer
We’ll assist you with how to use your newly built platform and we’ll advise you along the way.

These were some of our frequently asked questions at Digital Gap Agency. If you have any more questions or queries, that’s okay, you can hit up on [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to help. Get to know more about us here. Until then, keep slaying !

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